Now Available: VC-1 Video Clarifier


World-Class video enhancement anywhere you need it

The problem: you know your video system would benefit from enhancement, but how do you see the benefits on your system without going thru a design exercise to integrate the necessary hardware onto your platform?

The Solution: EVD's VC-1 Video Clarifier. Designed from the ground up to be simple to install, simple to use. And it doesn't get much easier than this: just connect the VC-1 between your NTSC or PAL video source and display, hit the power button and BAM!... you're good to go. Comes pre-set in Split Screen demonstration mode. Configuration options include choice of Composite or S-Video I/O, and with or without a rechargeable Li-Ion power supply (devices without a rechargeable supply include a wall-mount A/C adapter).

Don't be fooled by the lack of knobs and indicator lights - that's the whole point: to demonstrate just how easy it is to add large-kernel, locally adaptive contrast enhancement to your video system. And when you're ready to get under the hood, simply remove the cover to gain access to push-button controls which allow you to select between different operational modes, or connect the VC-1 to any USB port in your PC. Our available demo software gives you access to all the configuration registers inside the EVD1000 so you can fine-tune perfomance to match the needs of your system. Finally... a Technology Demonstrator which lets you choose how up close and personal you want to be: right out of the box Plug 'n Play, push-button, or nitty-gritty register level control.



  • Video I/O: composite or S-Video, supporting NTSC/PAL, color or monochrome
  • Power source: Li-Ion rechargeable supply (A/C charger included) with up to 4-5 hours on a single charge, or A/C adapter (90-240VAC input)
  • Controls, external: On/Off switch with integrated video status indicator
  • Controls, internal (accessible with cover removed): Mode (Full screen, Split screen, or Bypass) and Level (three preset enhancement settings) pushbuttons
  • Chassis size: 9.2"W x 5.25"D x 1.6"H (233mm x 133mm x 41mm)
  • Rear Panel Connectors: bayonet-lock BNC (composite version), 4-pin Mini-DIN (S-Video version), jack for power adapter
Have an HDMI- or DVI-based digital video system? We've got you covered. Our digital demonstrators go all the way up to 1080i (and EVD1500-based systems will go 1080p).

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